Caught in this Iless storm

by art of simplicity

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    Debut album that established aos as a very promising band.

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Debut album that established aos as a very promising band.


released January 16, 2007

Drums recorded at subways studio; Engineered by Vangelis Sapounas. All other instruments recorded at simple studio; Engineered by Aris Markogiannakis. Produced, mixed and mastered by art of simplicity at simple studio. Band photos by George Ikosipentakis, Jim Hrisagis and Makis Tsiagos. Artwork by George Ikosipentakis.

George Ikosipentekis – Vocals
Matthew Dakoutros – Violin
Aris Markogiannakis – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Elias Nousis – Keybords and Backing Vocals
Nick Miras – Drums

Additional vocals on “The last lust” by Nikitas Tsiouvelis and Athina Kamariti.
Tenor sax on “The last lust” by Elias.

“welcome to the art of simplicity” and “Looks from the mirror” composed by Matthew
“Vigil” composed by Elias
“a search for numb” composed by Aris and aos
“from a frightened soul” composed by Matthew and Aris
“Iless” composed by Matthew and Nick
“The last lust”, “nOThinG” and “Asymmetric Act” composed by aos
All lyrics by Matthew, except “Vigil”, by Matthew and Alex Kostoulas and “Looks from the mirror”, by Matthew and Michael Doukakos



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


art of simplicity Athens, Greece

In an effort to play good and interesting music, balancing “simplicity” and “art”, Matthew Dakoutros and Nick Miras formed art of simplicity during 2003. Merging several styles and different kinds of music, in a metal canvas, aos have received much appreciation from around the world and have been established as a very promising act. ... more

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Track Name: Vigil
It' s not easy to remember
But it' s harder to forget

Awake I see the world
Sleepless I live it
Questions and fears are hunting me
Every single morning

Life is a beautiful dream,
A storm, a sunrise and a sunset
The most beloved present

Wind caress my face
I hear the dryad of my memories
I see the shine of a heart
In a day so much dark

A Lighting flashes as I fill out the skies with her name
A thunder strikes as I’ m asking for more but in vain

Remember me, I was a child
Tasting your lips and your smile
As your life is passing day and night
You will see me in the path of light

It’ s not easy to remember
But it’ s harder to forget
I feel my dreams fading
While it’ s raining in the painting

Echoes of misunderstandings
Open scars from unforgotten endings
I don’ t know what to do!
Maybe in a way, it was all about you, after all…
Track Name: a search for numb
flying in the deep blue sky
looking at the world
walking the roads to oblivion
never seek the path of happiness
every inch of this farm filled with roses
all the Heaven's stars tear yourself apart

still believing in movies
and the fairytales
the childhood never ended
it' s only just begun
dreams of fear and lust
are always coming back

it dosen' t matter what you see
I' ll give you all my insanity
exposed naked in the sea
of inner ecstasy

forget the pain for a moment
all you need is just a comment
take a bath in the purgative water
a water so hot that is freezing
drink the tears of your hate
tears so cold that are burning

pills filled with promises
and addictive grass
give a joyful instance
and a horrible continuity
so go to your heart
and taste the hardest drug

it dosen' t matter what you see
I' ll give you all my insanity
exposed naked in the sea
of inner ecstasy
Track Name: from a frightened soul
... But Looking Behind Me
A Figure Is Staring At Me
A Demon, Waiting To Twist The Knife?

The Shadow Of Myself?
A Vision From The Future?
Or From A Dark Past Which I Never Lived?

An Unknown Past
But Written In All Of Our Memory

I Consider The Achievements Of Humanity
So Huge And Magnificent
So Great And Impressive
And Beautiful! WHY?
What Are All This around Me?
God Is Unfair, Or I' m Telling Nonsense?
But How Can I Explain This, Which Doesn’t Leave Me open my eyes?
And stare at the beauty that surrounds me
To hear the sounds of the sea
Or taste the sweetfull love?

But Again!
Always Something Stops Me
Tears Me… Only A Thought...

One Thought
One Moment
One Life... And Unique

A Fake Hope, Never Be Real
Illusions Of Humanity
Everything Is Inanimate

Could Everything Be A Lie?
Imaginations Of The Desperate Humanity
And If I Never See The Sun Again?
If I Never See It Again Throwing its Sunshine Over Your Hair?

I' ll Know I lived, I’ ll know I loved

Just A Moment
Just A Thought
To Understand...

One Thought
One Moment
Just One Life... And Unique!
Track Name: Iless
Have you ever counted the stars?
All those shiny little dots
Nailed in an almost neverending
And always so majestic blackness

Into the garden of my misery
Sunk into decline
I’ve abandon myself
For all my nightmares like crows to feed

Taste me! Everything I dream is buried under those lusty failures!
Unimagined desires are the hatcher of my new flesh
Questions never answered becoming answers never questioned
Don’t fear me, see, It’s still only me!

Pointless decisions for a safer tomorrow
Comically illusions to hide my sorrow
Ignoring all the patterns in a game I won’t play
Just drinking and wishing a s(h)iny new day

Try me! Find your way to the bottom where lies my forgotten self
Wake me! Or leave me rot till I erase all those things that worth and
See behind me eyes, a world waits to rise, under my skin
I breathe, myself is buried under me!

Caught in this Iless storm!
Lost in means where I can' t hold
Caught in this Iless storm!
Destroying the places that I call home

Absent-minded travels
Deep into my mind
Where it was all that I once knew
Distorted images, twisted view

Trying to change the facts
The new beginning is threatening me
Laughing at those that never change
But always lost in this maze

Search for me! Collect this unreal puzzle that I couldn’t solve and
Trade it, with everything that will make you see what you always wanted to
BE! Misery stuck like swash, and declinefull deeds are
All those fears that I never beat!

Collecting me, searching for me, tasting me
Answer those questions you don’t dare to
Visualize- Ripping this suffocating skin
At last, myself escaping me!

Caught in this Iless storm!
Lost in means where I can’t hold
Caught in this Iless storm!
Track Name: The Last Lust
Moral flesh, undirty soul
And prepared to take the fall
Endless purity the voice is saying
But the eyes can’t find the end

Age is nothing but numbers in order
You're a kid so I'm not older
The birth of orgies I celebrate
Teasing my senses the fruit I ate

Searching to touch, to feel, searching for something more
Inside I scream, I just want to have it all
That’s what I’ m obligating myself to be
Inhale reason, don’t fear what you might free

Licking the silence, flirting with concepts I can’t sustain
Touching your freedom, give me the things you hide and pain
Innocence pierced, covered with mud and unused tears
At last you showed us all your fears!!!

Give me pleasure
And burn my fears
I swallow your existence
To fulfill my lust

Hide in the shadows
Of a flat world
You will name it
A last lust

Never question how time goes by
They don' t believe their inner cry
Vile dancers alluring life
There is nothing like the endless strife

But it’ s like there’ s no tomorrow
Laboring to fill my day
With random act of meaningful lusts!
Track Name: Looks from the Mirror
Look yourself in the mirror
What will you see?
Perhaps a familiar mask
... What have you been
...What have you made

Broke myself to thousand pieces
Cleared my mind from all my wishes
I looked at the path of my past
Actions reflected from my heart

Looks from the mirror
My inverted soul revealed
Looks from the mirror
Baptized in what I have done
Signs from the terror
I was not the bloody one

As I Walked through this new dimension
I had to find my successor
Then I saw the vision clearer
And the fear came so much nearer

I' m just like the hunter!
Waiting for my spyder to come
To release me from my choice

Maybe Devil wants me
Whispers lusts in my mind
But I' ll rise from the depth
To find my fallen pride

The root of all these thoughts
A soul of kindness and morality
Person that I love most
Give me a sign of your insanity
Track Name: nOThniG
i want to fly to the moon
and watch this world
filled with magic i will make
EARTH swim, and touch the sun

i will observe all the fools burn
in a fiery HELL
someday called "home"

then my laugh will be heard throughout the universe
and my throne in the moon
will be the beginning of my empire

my empire is the world
a point in the map of nothing
all the galaxies are my kingdoms
all the stars are my treasures

into a piece of paper
in the dot from a pencil
i can see planets falling
and suns be born

i grow the world and found the end
as the endless everything seems so pent
comets spawn a new kind
species proceeded by my own mind

a point of nothing is my home
nowhere is where it is built
architects and mechanics make my day
endless darkness are the days in space

the dot that i live is starting to fade
for that i' ll conquer whatever you made
i divide all the sites as i give life again
and reform my realm preparing for the end...

my empire is the world
a grain of sand in the endless beach