by art of simplicity

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The self financed demo, released in 2005. Nominated as demo of the month in various magazines.


released June 25, 2005

Vocals, keyboards and drums recorded at Fragile Studio; engineered by Vangelis Yalamas. All other instruments recorded at simple studio; engineered by Aris Markogiannakis. Mixed and mastered at simple studio. Produced by art of simplicity. Artwork and photography by Jim "Ian Morrison" Skrimizeas. Cover photo by Michael Svolos.



all rights reserved


art of simplicity Athens, Greece

In an effort to play good and interesting music, balancing “simplicity” and “art”, Matthew Dakoutros and Nick Miras formed art of simplicity during 2003. Merging several styles and different kinds of music, in a metal canvas, aos have received much appreciation from around the world and have been established as a very promising act. ... more

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Track Name: Looks from the mirror
Look yourself in the mirror
What will you see?
Perhaps a familiar mask
... What have you been
...What have you made

Broke myself to thousand pieces
Cleared my mind from all my wishes
I looked at the path of my past
Actions reflected from my heart

Looks from the mirror
My inverted soul revealed
Looks from the mirror
Baptized in what I have done
Signs from the terror
I was not the bloody one

As I Walked through this new dimension
I had to find my successor
Then I saw the vision clearer
And the fear came so much nearer

I' m just like the hunter!
Waiting for my spyder to come
To release me from my choice

Maybe Devil wants me
Whispers lusts in my mind
But I' ll rise from the depth
To find my fallen pride

The root of all these thoughts
A soul of kindness and morality
Person that I love most
Give me a sign of your insanity
Track Name: a search for numb
flying in the deep blue sky
looking at the world
walking the roads to oblivion
never seek the path of happiness
every inch of this farm filled with roses
all the Heaven's stars tear yourself apart

still believing in movies
and the fairytales
the childhood never ended
it' s only just begun
dreams of fear and lust
are always coming back

it dosen' t matter what you see
I' ll give you all my insanity
exposed naked in the sea
of inner ecstasy

forget the pain for a moment
all you need is just a comment
take a bath in the purgative water
a water so hot that is freezing
drink the tears of your hate
tears so cold that are burning

pills filled with promises
and addictive grass
give a joyful instance
and a horrible continuity
so go to your heart
and taste the hardest drug

it dosen' t matter what you see
I' ll give you all my insanity
exposed naked in the sea
of inner ecstasy
Track Name: nOThinG
i want to fly to the moon
and watch this world
filled with magic i will make
EARTH swim, and touch the sun

i will observe all the fools burn
in a fiery HELL
someday called "home"

then my laugh will be heard throughout the universe
and my throne in the moon
will be the beginning of my empire

my empire is the world
a point in the map of nothing
all the galaxies are my kingdoms
all the stars are my treasures

into a piece of paper
in the dot from a pencil
i can see planets falling
and suns be born

i grow the world and found the end
as the endless everything seems so pent
comets spawn a new kind
species proceeded by my own mind

a point of nothing is my home
nowhere is where it is built
architects and mechanics make my day
endless darkness are the days in space

the dot that i live is starting to fade
for that i' ll conquer whatever you made
i divide all the sites as i give life again
and reform my realm preparing for the end...

my empire is the world
a grain of sand in the endless beach